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            Char. Pilakoutas Ltd.
            A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis Architects - Engineers
            Duration: 12 months
            Commencement Date: July 2007
            Completion Date: July 2008

            The works included the erection of a metal frame structure with composite floors (profiled steel sheets with reinforced concrete on top) and reinforced concrete walls etc, of approximate dimensions 33m x 45m and 3.5m height, that will form the new showroom and workshop of Char. Pilakoutas Ltd.

            The structure includes a basement area for parking and stores (approximate dimensions: 34m x 33m and 3.5m height), the ground floor for the showroom and the workshop, and a mezzanine floor for the offices and other staff areas.

            The electrical and mechanical installations, and all the external works were also included.

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